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LCS is committed to support all of you during the Presence of COVID-19, keeping businesses rolling and by providing the Best Designed Load Covering Solutions available for All Open Deck Transportation Requirements.

With Driver Safety Being #1, LCS 
continues to release an expanding line of Aerodynamic Rolling Tarp Sytems for 2020. Regardless of which model you choose, drivers will have the best road handling experience when pulling a Windmaster Rolling Tarp System, GUARANTEED!

Contact the Windmaster TEAM of Experts for more Product Information!!




Did you know LCS is the only Mfg'r of 8 Models of Rolling Tarp Systems?
Find out more about out Great8 Engineered Roll the image below.

LCS is the ONLY manufacturer of rolling tarp systems that engineers and designs its own competitive Curtain Side Van Trailer Systems?
Not every open deck load covering application is best suited for a rolling tarp system. You won't hear that from our competitors, but at LCS our experts will evaluate your load covering needs and make the correct recommendation of system for you and your customer.

Where is a Curtain Side System Best Suited?
• Lumber and Building Materials Industry.
• Bottle Gas Industry.
• Construction and Resource Industry.


Keep LOOKING to LCS in 2020 to Release the most innovative designs in a single year!

Call LCS – Load Covering Solutions for all your load covering requirements.

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