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Attention all Ontario & Western Canada
Super B Flatbed Trailer Operators

• These System are 110" Wide Exterior & 106" Interior width
• Patented Windmaster SMARTLOOK Aerodynamic Rolling Tarp System
• CFD Tested to Reduce Wind Drag 10% Min / 5% Better Fuel Savings

Windmaster Sits 20" ahead of Front Sill & has a Crank up Flap

32'-6" Lead Trailer / 28'6" Pup Trailer

Systems roll to the Front and / Or the Rear

Patented 6-Lifter Bow System Ads Cross wind Support

6-Lifter Bow Reduces Interior Tarp Pleating on the Side and Upper Corners

When trailers are Spec Correctly Jack Knifing is no problem

Additional EBD Photos