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Convert your Utility Trailer today...... and haul any H.D. Specialized Cargo Tomorrow

Features / Advantages / Benefits:
History: The LOOK® Sliding Tarpaulin System for utility trailers was first proposed by the Company Owner's Son, an avid car and off road equipment enthusiast who first saw an immediate need while touring the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant & outside car show. With hundreds of vintage Corvette's being displayed a sudden down pour forced exhibitors to run for cover and afterwards spend hours of detailing of their cars because they had no easy quick way to cover them. It was at that moment the concept of equipping specialized utility trailers for transporting Classic Cars, Off Road ATV's, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles and any other non-semi trailer freight was born under the future trade name which is recognized for "Canada's 2nd Generation of Innovations".

The LOOK® Sliding Tarpaulin System would meet the changing requirements and demand for covering of specialized cargo. The Utility Trailer market currently provides only two basic styles of trailers. The Hard Side Van Trailer makes loading and unloading difficult if side access is required, however it guarantees load security and weather protection. The Open flatbed provides load access from all sides but doesn't allow for load covering or security. The LOOK® can be easily adapted to most styles of trailers with relatively inexpensive retro-fitting regardless if the trailer is a drop axle or a full width deck.

All components are engineered for the semi-trailer Sliding Tarp System market and will withstand the wear and tear and wind loads of the open cross county road for years.

Automobile Trailers:
Classic Car buffs and other automotive enthusiasts have been LOOKing for years to find an easy solution to two simple problems.
1) A hard side van doesn't easily allow the vehicle to be driven on or off the trailer because there is little room for the driver to exit from the trailer as the side walls are in the way thus making tie down of the vehicle more cumbersome.

2) An open flatbed trailer doesn't protect from the elements and thus the need to detail the vehicle on site for a car show or rally.

The LOOK® Sliding Tarpaulin System makes all this easy as you can slide the system open to exit or enter the vehicle, secure the vehicle to the trailer and protect your cargo from the elements while in transit.