Windmaster GR8LOOK Aerodynamic Rolling Tarp Systems

Movin'Out Mag - July 2020 Featuring Windmaster SMARTLOOK and Windmaster GR8 LOOK

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Load Covering Solutions is excited to announce yet another Aerodynamic Rolling Tarp System into the family of the GREAT 8 models. This latest model, branded as the Windmaster GR8LOOK was designed to provide INTEGRATED STYLING & AERODYNAMICS, while eliminating the look of a rolling tarp system as an "ADD ON PRODUCT" to a flatbed trailer.

GR8LOOK competes with all models of flat aluminum bulkheads, but with very defined advantages.

• GR8LOOK has an upper built in CFD Tested Fiberglass Nose Fairing projecting an optimum 10"
          · Tested - Wind Drag Reduction of 5.17%
          · Tested - To Enhance Fuel Efficiency by 2.59%
• Softened Diagonal Fiberglass Corner Legs for better Aerodynamics
• 3 Choice of Insert Front Panel Wall
          · Mirror Stainless for Show & Shine
          · Mirror Stainless Diamond for Show & Shine
          · Nickle Bright Aluminum
• Made Modular for Easy Service ability and Damage Replacement
• Overlapping Water Shroud allowing front car frame & water seal to be protected
• Sits ahead of the trailer sill guaranteeing more deck loading space
Inquire as to why the Windmaster GR8LOOK should be your next Rolling Tarp System Purchase.

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May 6, 2019......Randy Slack, Owner of Transport Sales & Service, Caledonia Ontario personally picked up his 1st Windmaster GR8LOOK Aerodynamic Rolling Tarp System. Built for the Fleet Owner or Owner / Operator that wants their equipment to look the sharpest!

Windmaster GR8LOOK is not just a great looking model, but its overall integrated appearance makes truck & trailer look like it was designed as a complete package bumper to bumper.

Windmaster GR8LOOK offers the advantage of being fully modular. The Combination upper fiberglass nose fairing with soft edge diagonal corner legs makes for easy replacement if damaged. Front wall is removable and available in standard aluminum, Mirror Waffles Stainless or Mirror Smooth Stainless.

Built to provide an optional advantage over any flat aluminum bulkhead the Windmaster GR8LOOK is CFD tested at 65 MPH, at 100" high to provide 5.17% Wind Drag Reduction, and 2.59% Better Fuel Efficiency.

MATS - Truck Show, Louisville, KY 2019

Compare LCS LOOK Bulkhead Wrapped in Stainless to LCS "GR8LOOK" Aerodynamic Modular Bulkhead

Compare LCS LOOK STD Aluminum Bulkhead to LCS "GR8LOOK" Aerodynamic Modular Bulkhead

GR8LOOK Bulkhead is available in Tarp color matching gelcoat & optional Waffle Stainless or Aluminum Front Wall Panel

You can buy from the rest or buy from LCS, and get the "GR8LOOK"

Competitors install their Bulkhead flush with front trailer sill, while LCS forward mounts 4" allowing full deck utilization