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For Flatbed B-Train Trailers

"Load Covering Versatility"

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Today a Flatbed... Tomorrow a Versatile Van!

Features /Advantages / Benefits
The LOOK® Sliding Tarpaulin System, for flatbed B-Train trailers, maximizes your load covering versatility by converting your flatbed B-Train trailers into convertible van trailers providing customers with load covering protection and keeping drivers safe and free from injury. Today's transportation industry demands fleets to provide the most suitable equipment at a moments notice allowing customers to ship over sized products with confidence and security. Only the The LOOK® Sliding Tarpaulin System guarantees our customers years of trouble free operation while ensuring the lowest maintenance over the life of the system.

The Gap Between Trailers

Its critical the distance between trailers is reviewed prior to commencing with ordering or installing a standard sliding tarp system on a B-Train combination trailer. The ideal dimension is 39" allowing for the proper turning radius during an extreme Jack-Knife. The LOOK® comes standard with a 6-1/6" Deep Chamfered corner Bulkhead allowing for locks, lights and even rear doors on the lead trailer, all which are suitable and can be incorporated without fear of damage between trailers in the Gap.

In the Lumber Industry most operators require maximum utilization of the trailer deck and with a 39" Gap it is possible upon Custom Engineering design to overhang the front Bulkhead on the pup trailer at a determined distance in order to provide the greatest loading area. (This is not standard but available as an option)

Customize Lead and Pup Trailers:

Customized Boxes exterior of Bulkhead

Wind Skirts lessons drag and increases fuel economy

Airtabs on rear car frames lessons drag and
increase fuel economy

Dress up your system with hand applied
vinyl graphics

Provide Billboard Advertising with
8 colour digital print graphics

Vinyl Roll up front flap for versatile
loading access

Whatever your load covering requirements are Tarp Technology Innovations and LCS will bring our TEAM of expert Engineer's, Designers and Field Technicians to your company with problem solving solutions. Contact us and see what we can do for you.

Warranty & Maintenance:

You will have to purchase The LOOK® to experience the full impact of why fleets are switching to the best built system in the world. Only The LOOK® guarantees the lowest maintenance in the industry over any other system while providing the highest residual value over 10 years.


What's stopping you from making the only decision that makes sense .....
The LOOK® Sliding Tarpaulin System - "Best Value Guaranteed"