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For Straight Flatbeds and Wedge Trailers

"Maximize Your Load Covering Versatility"

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Today a Standard Flatbed... Tomorrow a Versatile Van!

Features /Advantages / Benefits:
The LOOK® Sliding Tarpaulin System for flatbed trailers, maximizes your load covering versatility by converting your flatbed or wedge trailer into a convertible van trailer providing customers with load covering protection and keeping drivers safe and free from injury. Today's transportation industry demands fleets to provide the most suitable equipment at a moments notice allowing customers to ship over sized products with confidence and security. Only The LOOK® Sliding Tarpaulin System guarantees our customers years of trouble free operation while ensuring the lowest maintenance over the life of the system.

Straight Flatbed System:

The LOOK® Sliding Tarpaulin System serves for a wide variety of product being hauled over the road where load covering and security are required. Originally designed for steel hauling and automotive requirements, The LOOK® now covers any product measuring up to 102" in nominal width.

The LOOK® allows 103" inside width clearance as a sliding tarp system, and is D.O.T. legal in all U.S. states and Canadian provinces for 108" maximum overall width.

Wedge Flatbed System:

Specialty freight requirements in today's transportation industry demand that van haulers provide maximum versatility in their equipment. The LOOK® Wedge exceeds interior width and height dimensions of a high side cube van trailer. Based on specialty flatbed trailer manufacturers height capabilities The LOOK® Wedge can provide up to 104" interior height at the front and 110° interior height at the rear underneath the frame.

The LOOK® Wedge provides 103" interior width on any standard system.

Crank Up Rear Flap Closure is Standard Equipment:

Rear Flap:
Available with an easy to operate Pull Up or Crank-Roll Up Flap the system can be easily accessed in seconds.


the LOOK® aluminum flat front style bulkhead with aerodynamic diagonal side corners and top header provides a streamline appearance to the front of the LOOK® system. Installed and set ahead of the front sill of the trailer by 3" freight can be maximized along the interior deck of the trailer.

Clad with standard aluminum sheets

Optional Mirror Stainless Steel

Man Door standard with every LOOK Bulkhead

Whale Tail Compression Lock Handle

Optional LED recessed lights

Front Locks:

All LOOK® sliding systems are equipped standard with our patent pending interior spring loaded paddle locks operated from exterior ground level. Designed with the "Keep It Simple Silly" principle the front lock handle operates the same as the "olde faithful" door locks on highway van trailers.

Front Locks

Front Locks

Loc'N-Load, Rear Lock & Tensioning Mechanism:

the LOOK® engineered sliding system is the only system on the market with the innovative design of a low profile barrel style lock that is attached to the interior rear car frame at all times. Measuring 18", weighing at 6.5 lbs the LNL operates easily with a captive ratchet handle that takes less than 30 sec. to lock & tension or unlock. Lubricate the LOOK's coil thread and thrust nut with our captive spray lubricant as required making its operation fool proof.

Loc'N-Load, Rear Lock & Tensioning Mechanism

Frame System:

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The LOOK® all modular aluminum extruded frame system provides the squarest interior corner to accommodate the widest & highest of cargo. (Pic. 1)

The tarp connector extrusion traps the individual tarp panels internal of the extrusion allowing the LOOK® frame system to accommodate an additional 1" interior width up to 104-1/2". (Pic. 2)

The double hinge connected up lift bows located between the rolling car frames lifts the pleating tarp up and out of the loading zone as the LOOK® system is accordion together providing greater inside loading clearance. (Pic. 3)

For maximum loading clearance and reducing the tarp pleating to 5" from 9" the Quad up-lift arms (4 arms) also provides greater system stability in high cross winds. (Pic. 3)

The rear car frame is equipped with the unique design "STAM" Slack Tarp Adjustment Mechanism providing fine tune adjustment to the tarp when high camber trailers start to flatten out during loading. (Pic. 4)

The STAM also sets up for the addition of our own Airtabs, the aerodynamic devices that reduces wind drag at the rear of the trailer while ensuring the LOOK'S rear flap is not pulled open like other makes of sliding systems. (Pic. 5)

Warranty & Maintenance:

You will have to purchase The LOOK® to experience the full impact of why fleets are switching to the best built system in the world. Only The LOOK® guarantees the lowest maintenance in the industry over any other system while providing the highest residual value over 10 years.


Why settle for 101" inside width van clearance when The LOOK® allows for side, top, and rear loading access with full 102" width freight capabilities...