Sliding Tarp System for Drop Deck Trailers

"Maximize Your Load Covering Versatility"

3 Models of Single Drop Deck ROLL TOP Systems

SS- Split Systems: Designed to be the most Basic Model, Lowest Cost, Lowest Maintenance system to suit your load covering needs.

Splits at the drop
Upper deck rolls to the front Bulkhead
Lower deck rolls in either direction along the lower deck

STS- Single Transition Systems: Designed to be the Middle of the Road Model offering lots of load covering versatility.

Upper Deck unlocks from the bulkhead and piggy backs onto lower car frame and rolls to the rear of trailer.
Lower Deck rolls forward and always stays on its respective deck.

DTS- Dual Transition Systems: Designed to be the Most Versatile Model, Highest Cost, Most Maintenance, Most Temperamental load covering system.

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LCS likes to be up front when describing this system. All similar systems will react the same when damaged; resulting to misalignment issues transitioning onto opposite decks. The DTS system can be a 2 person job when the trailer is on uneven ground or when affected by side winds so BEWARE when requesting this model.

Upper Deck unlocks from the bulkhead and piggy backs onto lower car frame and rolls to the rear of trailer.

Lower Deck rolls forward and transitions onto the upper deck providing full lower deck access for loading. Typically a 53ft trailer is required to transition the entire lower deck onto the upper deck for loading containers.

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(Below) LCS Is the Government's 1st Choice when it comes to specialized load covering systems. Our TEAM has Design Engineered and resolved Over Dimensional load covering problems for United States Military, Navy, Airforce, FEMA, NASA, and working directly with contractors like Lockheed Martin & Northup Grumman. LCS is also a dedicated supplier to BOEING and have provided solutions that have never been accomplished. Let our TEAM work with yours on any project that might seem impossible. You might just be surprised!

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Available with the Aerodynamic Fully rounded front bulkhead offering CFD tested 9.96% wind drag reduction or 4.98% more efficient fuel economy.

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Warranty & Maintenance:
You will have to purchase to experience the full impact of why fleets are switching to the best built system in the world. Only guarantees the lowest maintenance in the industry over any other system while providing the highest residual value over 10 years.


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