Specialized Load Covering for Unique Tilt'n-Load Trailers

Lockheed Martin / Fort Campbell KY Military Base
Specialty Miltary Transporter Truck Body

"Split System" - Cover Full Trailer Length

LCS specializes in designing cover systems and equipping tilt trailers for the most diversafied equipment requirements. Nothing out of the ordinary scares the LCS design team who challenge themselves to resolve any and all load covering issues.

"Split System" - Cover Partial Trailer Length stopping ahead of tilt deck

LCS, will always make smart recommendations on how to cover your loads without banckrupting the pocket book. Our 87 years of design experience allows us to offer our customers specifically what is required in a system.

"Lower Deck System" - Cover equipment deck only with optional front flap

LCS designed this system to allow non-weather sensative equipment to pass through the front and onto the upper deck for easy loading. No stationary bulkhead required; adding versatility and lower system cost.

"Tilt Body System" - Perfect for Regular, Luxury and Accident Vehicles

LCS is the perfect solution for transporting road side assisted vehicles keeping the product protected. When an unfortuante fatality happens and forensics needs to contain the evidence, DON'T HAND TARP IT, provides quick easy and proffessional load covering in seconds. When delivering luxury vehicles to wealthy clients, deliver in a covered system and ensure that showroom expectations are transferred over the road and into the owners garage.

"Gooseneck Trailer System" - Perfect for the Off Road Extremist

LCS is the only load covering system designer with an established working relationship with extreme Off-road Monster Truck enthusiast like (Grave Digger, Dennis Anderson), (Plow Boy Xtreme, Ritchie Keith) who came to LCS for all their load covering requirements.

Tilt'n-Load Photo Gallery

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Allvan of Nashville, TN is one of LCS' most experienced and certified install dealers for Tilt'N Load Sliding Tarp Systems

The first nine photos below are from Allvan

Warranty & Maintenance:
You will have to purchase to experience the full impact of why fleets are switching to the best built system in the world. Only guarantees the lowest maintenance in the industry over any other system while providing the highest residual value over 10 years.


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