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As.....Manufactures of Steel, Automotive, Building and Machinery products require more specialized equipment to deliver their products to market, the demand for Flatbed equipment is continually increasing.

As.....Manufacturers continue to increase their requirements for Maximum Length, Width & Height of loads on flatbed equipment, the concern for load covering and operator safety becomes an industry wide issue.

Designed to stand the test of time our company still has original equipment in operation dating back to the unveiling of the product in 1994. The original design and concept of a Sliding Tarpaulin System started with providing the North American Transportation Industry with a safe and easy ground level operating covering system which would perform every day and last as long as the flatbed it was installed on.

Over the last several years our product has changed in many directions to accommodate the covering of an infinite multitude of product requirements all designated to be transported on Flatbed trailers, truck bodies, drop deck trailers, double drop deck trailers, extendible drop deck trailers and specialized utility trailers.

If your load covering requirements have not been met, Call our Company "Next" and we will show you why Sliding Tarpaulin System is the correct solution for your Next Flatbed Requirements.

LOOK NO FURTHER, AS........... is your product of choice and here is Why!

• (28) Wheels with a Life Time Warranty (See Warranty Policy) for a 48ft system compared to all alternate makes of systems with (54-74) Wheels.

• One size & model of wheel in comparison to all alternate systems where they have as many as three sizes per car frame.

• Heaviest Duty Frame system designed to last for the most rugged terrain, wind loads and endless hours of operation.

• Heaviest Duty Aluminum Track with a stainless steel V shaped rolling surface that will never wear to impede the performance of our system.

• Modular components making replacement, assembly and shipping easy and cost effective.

• 20 oz PVC High Tension Acrylic Coated vinyl that will provide 5 yrs life expectancy based on normal working conditions.

Corporate Advertising You Say............. is designed for any corporate message that you and your customers want to advertise and we can design it in house. Did you know that North American Statistics say that a traveling billboard offers 50% more viewing audience over a stationary billboard. On an average that's 45,000 viewers per day, 250,000 per week, 1.08 Million per month and 13 Million per year of Bang for your advertising Bucks!!!!!

Sliding Tarp Systems is the Correct Choice for your next flatbed Requirement.