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Rear Car Frame Assembly

  • 24" Wide for Maximum Durability.
  • Interior Width 104 / Exterior Width 107-3/4.
  • Square inside corner for maximum loading.
  • Rear of car frame secured to tarp.
  • Fully Modular construction allows for easy aftermarket replacement & shipping.
  • Full aluminum interior construction to accommodate the "Slack Tarp Adjustment Mechanism" built into the frame. (Standard Feature, optional deduct)
  • Exterior built in STAM -"Slack Tarp Adjustment Mechanism". Allows for fine tune tarp adjustment when high camber trailers flatten out.

    Airtabs are Standard Equipment
    with the STAM

    Benefits of Airtabs:
  • Reduces Rear Flap Blow Out by redirecting wind from wrapping around rear car frame.

  • Keeps Rear flap cleaner.

  • Reduces snow build up on LED lights.

  • Reduces side water spray from rear tires allowing driver to see further behind the trailer.

  • White Airtabs are Standard Equipment with the STAM. Available in white Airtabs can be easily painted to colour match any paint scheme.
  • Airtabs save between
    2% and 6% on fuel