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The Best Industry Lock & Tensioning Mechanism for a sliding tarpaulin system... Is Here!

Designed for all New The LOOK® Systems or Retro-fit to all existing The LOOK® Systems this new mechanism will......

  • Eliminate Loose Tarps causing unnecessary tarpaulin wear resulting in costly repairs.
  • Eliminate Wind drag causing a reduction in fuel economy.

  • Loc'N-Load Information Sheet (Adobe .pdf)
  • Promo Sell Sheet (Adobe .pdf)

    Purpose: The purpose & most important feature of an Up-Lift Bow Assembly System is the ability to provide the correct tension in the key areas of the tarpaulin for when the systems Lock & Tensioning Mechanism "Loc'N-Load™ is under operation. The LOOK™ has been Engineered with our guarantee the tarpaulin covering tension has been properly addressed.

    The "LNL" Advantage:

  • The Safety Feature of a Fully Automatic Thrust Nut eliminates manual engagement.
  • Fully operational from ground level.
  • The Most Compact system on the Market measures under 14" in length & weighs approx 6.5lbs / ea Loc.
  • Permanently mounts out of the way of the loading area and cargo.
  • It travels with the car frame so never lose it or drive over it like some other makes and models of locks.
  • Fully serviceable with (3) Primary components that can easily be dismantled.
  • Replacement parts readily available to be couriered cost effectively.
  • After-market kits with easy to follow instructions and installation template.
  • Captive Designed Operators Ratchet Handle allows anyone to easily apply the correct tension.

    If you have a Previous Purchased The LOOK® Sliding Tarpaulin System, make the call today to 1-800-465-8277 and up-grade your fleet with the best innovation ever designed for applying easy tension to a sliding tarp system.